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Jewels Stables was once a thriving and significant part of the local horse community, a successful riding school teaching numerous children and adults how to ride and care for horses and progress their horsemanship skills classically and empathetically from the very start.

We worked with riders who had never sat on a pony to those relentlessly working towards BHS exams and future careers within the industry - and all types of riding enthusiast’s in-between!

We ran a number of fun and friendly shows, hosted BHS and ABRS exams, had a working pupil scheme and worked with niche groups such as local home educated children and the Scouts making a real difference to many peoples lives and ensuring that this fantastic sport & hobby was available to all who wanted to give it a go and get involved with these amazing animals.

 Sadly due to unforeseen circumstances resulting in major financial difficulties in 2014 I made the heartbreaking decision to close and we now no longer operate as a riding school.

So many people were involved with Jewels Stables with over 40 volunteer awards given out at the end of 2014, for many, including myself, it is a great loss and not doubt  very much missed.

I will always be grateful to all of you involved as volunteers, staff, clients and visitors. Thank you for being a part of the great entity Jewels Stables once was…it was fun x