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My background

Progressing through Pony Club as a youngster and a member of various local riding clubs, I have trained rigorously over many years and I have successfully competed  up to elementary in dressage, foxhunters in show jumping and in open hunter trails with many different ponies and horses both affiliated and unaffiliated.

I am working towards competing at a higher level in dressage and am currently training and working for Paulo Santos, West Sussex based Grand Prix dressage rider which is giving me a great opportunity to ride a number of different young & advanced horses.

Teaching for me has been fairly natural and always very enjoyable, I lived in my mother’s (Christine Richards) shadow who ran the old yard before me, she also trained and progressed through the BHS stages 1-4 and was a qualified instructor.

Thanks to Mum's influence, I have attended TTT (Training the Teacher of Tomorrow) clinics and demos since a very young age and I regulary attend SIC clinics with both Alex Cookson and Andrew Murphy.  I have always been inspired by the methods of the great teachers in the art form of riding such as Arthur Kottas, Charles de Kunffy, Herwig Radnetter…who we are so fortunate to be able to learn from at this fantastic centre near Guildford.

My approach to training horses and riders is to ensure the essential ingredients to an enjoyable partnership are not overlooked. I focus a lot of attention on rider balance and posture, coordination and effective application of the aids. I encourage all horses to work freely and without tension with appropriate exercises to build strength and overcome asymmetries without resistance.


ABRS Certifcates  1-7 in Riding & Equitation – October 2012 

UKCC level 2 Generic Horse Riding - May 2013

Stage 1 Complete with Distinction – April 2013

Stage 2 Complete with Distinction – October 2013

Stage 3 Compete with Distinction – April 2014

Stage 4 Care with Distinction – October 2014

Intermediate Teaching Certificate - October 2015